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Thank you for visiting KOSYAS.

KOSYAS was founded to support the IT security businesses that are trying to obtain the IT security evaluation and certification on the basis of the Common Criteria.

Korea has joined the CCRA in 2006, which means it’s in deed as well as in name one of the leading countries in this area.

Evaluation and certification by the CC is now considered as an essential part for an export of the IT security products. As the category of products that require evaluation and certification has expanded and the Common Criteria and Common Evaluation Methodology are continuously changing, there are increasing needs for the aid to indicate how to make preparations for the evaluation and certification.

KOSYAS will show customers the way to prepare for the CC certification and also provide best-quality service to satisfy their needs.

Hoping for your interest and encouragement, KOSYAS will always be making efforts to be of your help.

Cho, Dae-il
Korea System Assurance